#EatShopSurfRock Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations, You've Successfully Connected to the Starting Point for #EatShopSurfRock!

#EatShopSurfRock is a digital scavenger hunt around the Rockaway peninsula, aiming to showcase Rockaway ConneX, a technology project spearheaded by the Rockaway Business Alliance.


The below map shows #EatShopSurfRock scavenger hunt locations. Creating your own route, make your way from location to location and connect with the beacon and QR code technology to collect badges. The more badges you collect the more prizes you’ll be eligible to win! You will also collect additional prizes and treasure along the way.


Here’s how it works:


Each scavenger hunt location is a Rockaway Business Alliance member currently hosting beacon and QR code technology as part of Rockaway ConneX. Connecting with the technology will unlock the “secret badge” associated with that location. Here’s how to connect:

  • If you have an Android phone, you can connect with beacon technology to access the “secret badge” link by 1) turning on your bluetooth 2) opening up your notifications. Don't forget!  You must be within 100 feet of the beacon to connect.

  • If you have an iPhone OR Android phone, you can access the “secret badge” link by opening up your camera and hovering it over the QR code contained in any of the Rockaway ConneX signs found all over the peninsula (picture of signage)

To see examples of both of these, check out our “highlights” on the Rockaway ConneX Instagram (@rockawayconnex)

Click the link to collect the badge associated with that location. You can either screenshot the image of the badge, or record the name of the badge (Ex: a badge at Cuisine by Claudette might be the “Quinoa Badge”).

Enter and submit your badges in this Google Form (Link HERE) (note: not all beacons will link to badges, some will unlock other special Rockaway treasure!) We'll be conducting a weekly prize drawing - the more badges you collect, the more awesome Rockaway Business Alliance prizes you'll be eligible to win!

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