About RBA

The RBA explores opportunities to make our community more connected -- in person, in government and digitally! We believe that we can accomplish great things as a unified organization.

The Mission

Rockaway Business Alliance will initiate efficient community programming in addition to providing business resources and tools to operate and grow with community-oriented mechanisms, while offering an empowering collective to share input on community and business needs, supporting one another through collaboration.

Our Vision

A Rockaway Peninsula with an engaged business community that contributes to the community’s economic and social impact creating an inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy year round.
Business corridors that are clean, safe, and welcoming, with shopping, dining, attractions, and engagement for the local community, and visitors drawn to Rockaway’s beaches and open spaces.

Community engagement is part of what makes our organization accomplish these great things, so please reach out and get involved!

We encourage local businesses to become part of this expanding, vibrant network of merchants looking to make a difference. We even offer membership opportunities for individuals who care about the community and want to get involved. Membership offers lots of fun perks, including access to RBA resources, promotion opportunities, and, most importantly, the chance to make a difference and lend your voice to the community.

Some Ways That Becoming a Member of the RBA Can Serve You/ Your Business

  • We help businesses forge relationships with city agencies (Department of Health and Sanitation, Department of Small Business Services, etc)
  • We will promote your business on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), and via our bi-monthly newsletter
  • We produce quarterly events aimed at driving business to our membership
  • We provide members with free access to RBA-hosted business workshops, which help provide your business with the tools it needs to succeed
  • We encourage RBA members to offer business-to-business perks to other members, creating a vibrant support network for our membership
  • The RBA was recently awarded a competitive city grant, which we will use to digitally integrate the peninsula and help businesses use technology to connect with their customer base. Membership benefits include increased access to this cutting-edge technology  

Click here more information on specific membership benefits and how to become a member or email us at info@rockawaybusinessalliance.org.

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