Greetings from the Rockaway Business Alliance! Sunshine, Surf, Shopping & Neighborhood Services in the Rockaways!


The Rockaway Business Alliance (RBA), formerly known as the Beach 116th Street Partnership, has expanded to include areas of business on the Rockaway Peninsula between Riis Park and Beach 43rd Street. RBA engages business owners and residents to create a more unified community and build a resilient and prosperous way forward.

RBA is an organization dedicated to supporting local businesses and strengthening the entire Rockaway community. We explore opportunities to make our community more connected- in person, in government and digitally! We provide resources for businesses, initiate vibrant programming, advocate for reliable transportation options, and navigate the needs of both visitors and locals. The Rockaway Business Alliance works with partners in government and city agencies to make sure that Rockaway gets the attention it deserves from the City of New York. We believe that we can accomplish great things as a unified organization.

Rockaway Business Alliance values connecting the old fashioned way: face to face. We believe that local businesses can bring people together and serve as a tool for community development. In a city that has a reputation for being somewhat detached, our members are successful because they understand that thriving business is built on personal connection.

We welcome the community to join us! We encourage local businesses to become part of this expanding, vibrant network of merchants looking to make a difference. In addition, we also have membership opportunities for individuals who care about the community and would like to get involved. Membership offers lots of fun perks, including access to RBA resources (mailing list, social media), promotion opportunities, and, most importantly, the chance to make a difference and lend your voice to the community.

For information on specific membership benefits and how to become a member, email us at

Don’t just join us, let us know how we can help! We want to hear your concerns regarding local business- how can we do a better job of connecting the business community and the Rockaways as a whole?

Please contact us at the above email address with your questions, comments and concerns! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook at @rockawaybusiness.

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